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Steveís Video Rate Card

Steveís Video Rate Card

716-942-6005 * * 9443 Dutch Hill Rd, West Valley, NY 14171


Video Transfer (VHS/VHS-C to VCD/SVCD/DVD or Data CD/DVD):

$0.35 per minute of video + $5 for DVD or $1 for VCD/SVCD (includes Jewel Case) 0.35*video length = $payment

Your DVD player may not support VCD/SVCD.

Can also convert to the following PC formats: QuickTime 5.0, MPEG 1 & 2, Real Media (Real Player) 8 & 9, Windows Media Video 8 & 9, AVI (DV, Uncompressed, standard Windows CODECís).  These files will NOT play on a DVD player.  Will only work on a PC.

Video Editing (VHS/VHS-C to VCD/SVCD/DVD or Data CD/DVD

$0.35 per minute base + $5 for DVD or $1 for VCD/SVCD (includes Jewel Case)

Additional charges will be determined by what you want done (few scene cuts to adding effects, adding music, etc.)  Will give estimate BEFORE work is started.

Timing chart for DVD/CD:

DVD = 2 hours of video @ normal DVD quality.

CD = 1 hour 5 minutes of video @ normal VCD quality

CD = 30 minutes of video @ normal SVCD quality


QuickTime, MPEG, Real Media, Windows Media Video, and AVI all vary depending on the quality. 


Samples of DVD, SVCD, and VCD are available to view quality and compatibility testing.



            I accept check or cash.  Please make all checks out to: Stephen Howe.   I require at least 50% up front for anything costing less then/equal to $50.  35% upfront for greater then $50.