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May 2005


Last day of the month & I got something new. :)  Because of this thread on Planet Doom I made Doom 3 so that ALL glass has reflections.  Pretty sweet, huh?  You can download the modified pk4 file & take a look at the pictures below.  :)

Delta Labs 1, before glass reflection mod


Delta Labs 1 AFTER Glass Reflection mod




Update!  I've upload videos showing that monsters can open these "doors" too (Quicktime 6 & WMV 9).  You just need to add the key/val "anytouch 1" to the tigger.  This lets monsters open the door.  Enjoy!



With the help of S@TaNiC at the forums (thread here) I made a "hinged" swinging door that attempts to simulate a door in "Real Life" (tm).  When you push it the door swings open.  If you keep pushing the door keeps opening.  When you stop pushing the door stops opening.  Very nice. )

It's not perfect: right you can't open it at various speeds, just one constant speed.  It doesn't react to weapons fire.  Also, you can't shut the door, but that wasn't my intention (another trigger/script could be setup on the other side of the door to move a - degrees).

I've put up a Quicktime 6 & a WMV 9 video, and the map/script file to play with it yourself.  To run the map put the pk4 file in your base folder & type "devmap theory/test1" in the console.



I created a small snow falling like effect for use in levels.  It needs a snow texture (right now it uses a texture from Doom 3) & maybe some swaying (a custom path could be created for that) but it looks pretty good.  You can download it here.  To make the particle effect take up more "space" just expand it's bounds (I used 256x256x256 for the test map but you can make it as big as you want.  Also increase the particle count for more dense snow).

Also, I'll start putting tid bits in monthly archives, listed on the left.  I didn't post for June so I am skipping it.  Enjoy!

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